Bishop macedo | 1 de December de 2018 - 20:12

Why did Elijah get God’s attention?

BOLDNESS(1 Kings 17.1) – Because he had the courage to declare that it would not rain until he determined it would rain, only to confront the “god Baal,” who was considered the lord of fertility and rain.

OBEDIENCE(1 Kings 17.9) – Because God commanded him to go to a widow in Zarephath, and he obeyed. What would a widow have to offer? Still, he obeyed.

DEFINITE FAITH(1 Kings 18.18) – Because he was not afraid, nor did he bow to the idolatry imposed by King Ahab and Jezebel.

INTREPIDNESS(1 Kings 18.22-24) – Because, even though he was alone on Mount Carmel, he was willing to cast the challenge of fire.

SURRENDER(1 Kings 18.30-35) – Because he did not hesitate to put on the Altar what would place him in total dependence of the Fire of the Heavens (Holy Spirit).

SINCERE PRAYER(1 Kings 18.36-38) – Because he did not ask for glory for himself; instead, he gave all glory to God, and through this act, at that very moment, made all the people acknowledge that ONLY GOD IS LORD!

Many want their family and friends to recognize that their God is the true God and turn to Him, but how? It’s simple: BY CAUSING THE FIRE TO DESCEND (HOLY SPIRIT) UPON YOUR LIFE. THIS IS HOW THEY WILL ACKNOWLEDGE HIM!

This was the Spirit and Power of Elijah: BOLDNESS, OBEDIENCE, DEFINITE FAITH, INTREPIDNESS, SURRENDER AND SINCERE PRAYER. When the Lord God finds these characteristics and attitude in us, THE FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT DESCENDS!

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