1945 - Birth

Edir Macedo was born in the small town of Rio das Flores – Rio de Janeiro. He was the fourth child of Henry Bezerra and Eugenia de Macedo Bezerra, better known as Mrs. Geninha. In total, this warrior mother had 33 pregnancies, but only seven children survived.

“All of us were raised strictly, under the harsh rule of our father. Discipline was a sacred rule at home. My mother was the protector of the home, the woman who raised us with love and such great zeal, that even as teenagers, we wouldn’t rebel.”

1971 - Marriage

After his encounter with God, the most important decision in Edir Macedo’s life would be to make the right choice of a wife. This was when he met the beautiful young Esther Eunice Rangel, who was different from the rest and came from an evangelical family. The romance was lightning fast. In only eight months, they dated, got engaged and were married. On December 18, 1971 they exchanged vows in the New Life Church in Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro.

1975 - A sickness that brought life

The young couple was expecting their second daughter, Viviane. But when he was given the newborn, her appearance would affect him forever. She was extremely thin, had dark circles under her eyes and her face was deformed. She was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate.

“Esther was attempting to wipe away her tears, but her face was soaked. I also cried. Then something exploded inside of me that lifted my mind up to God. My body was possessed with an unfathomable strength. My pain transported me directly to the throne of God. I decided to pray. But it was not a normal prayer. I clenched my fists in anger and threw punches at the bed countless times.

— God, no one is going to stop me now. Not my family, not my wife, not the future, not my feelings, nothing! No one can stop me now! No one! No one! I’ve had enough!

That was the birth of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.”

1977 - A pavilion in Meier Garden

It all started in a pavilion in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. With a keyboard, microphone and Bible, Edir Macedo went to the Meier neighborhood every Saturday. He walked up the 7 steps of the pavilion and preached to a few people. These were the first steps of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, whose main motivator (and guarantor) was Mrs. Eugenia, the bishop’s mother.

1977 - The Moment of Decision

1977 - The first Universal Church

The first Church was opened in a former funeral parlor in the Abolição district in Rio de Janeiro. Bishop Macedo held the first service at this location on July 9, 1977. This was one of the first meetings in the history of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. Millions of people would be saved because of this simple evangelistic work.

1980 - Deuses ou demônios?

No início dos anos 1980, relatei as minhas experiências em um livro polêmico chamado “Orixás, caboclos e guias: deuses ou demônios?”, lançado oficialmente em um evento no Maracanãzinho. A obra foi publicada em português, inglês e espanhol. Em uma das edições mais recentes, a capa trazia a ilustração de uma vela acesa e inchada. Chegamos a veicular propaganda comercial nas principais emissoras de televisão do Brasil.

1984 - The purchase of Radio Copacabana

The Church grew in the 1980s because of the amount of time bought on radio and TV stations, even without achieving the goal of owning their own station. Then an opportunity came along to make a purchase: Radio Copacabana, one of the most popular and well-known AM stations of Rio de Janeiro at that time.



1985 - The arrival of his son Moses

Moses came into the couple’s life when he was just 14 days old. In an unusual way, a woman brought him to the church and handed him to Esther, asking her and her husband to take care of the baby. It was something extraordinary, but once Bishop Macedo confirmed the woman had a good intention, he did not hesitate to keep the child.

“I looked at the boy, ran my hand over his head, took him from Esther’s arms, lifted the child up over my head and consecrated him to God in prayer with all who were in the Church at that moment.

— Moses of the Universal Church has just been born!”

The next day, the official adoption process began.

1986 - The beginning of the Universal Church in the USA

The path of expansion of the Universal Church to dozens and dozens of nations began with the United States, when Bishop Macedo traveled to New York, just nine years after opening the first temple in Brazil.

“I knew that it was the center of the world. It was the right path, the doorway to preach the Gospel internationally. To me, the opportunities that the United States presented for the spreading of the Word of God were evident. I landed alone at JFK Airport and traveled to the island of Manhattan at the invitation of the American pastor Forrest Higginbotham.”

New York was only a port of entry, the beginning of a long journey.

1989 - Beginning in Argentina

In October 1989, the work of the Universal Church arrived in Argentina. We held our first baptism in water for 20 people in a small church. Right from the start, the Universal Church was massacred in every media form. But the Church needed to show its strength, so we organized a rally of faith held by Bishop Macedo, in the largest stadium in Argentina, the Monumental de Núñez in the city of River Plate.

1989 - The purchase of Record Network

In a serious financial crisis, Record was on the verge of bankruptcy. The owners at the time, the entrepreneur and TV personality, Silvio Santos, and the Machado de Carvalho family, ran the station under a large debt.

Negotiations progressed rapidly after former congressman Laprovita Vieira, one of our Church officials at the time, announced the interest to purchase Record. The proposal pleased the partners of Record, and they called a meeting at the house of Silvio Santos.

“The representative of Silvio Santos gave a price.

I responded by faith:
– Not a problem. The deal’s done.”

1991 - Cristiane’s Wedding

Bishop Macedo gave away his eldest daughter, Cristiane, in marriage to young Renato Cardoso. The ceremony took place on Saturday night, at a restaurant in the Indianapolis neighborhood of São Paulo, with around three hundred guests. The bishop officiated the wedding and said to his daughter, “From now on, my love, it will be only you and your husband. No more mommy and daddy.” She was 17 and Renato was 19.

1992 - 11 days in jail

The car was surrounded. Machine guns, pistols and many heavy weapons were pointed at Bishop Macedo and his family. The scene seemed more like a kidnapping than a police operation. The bishop received an arrest warrant and was dragged to one of the police vehicles, on charges of charlatanism, being a faith-healer and fraud. He endured 11 days of solitude.

1992 - Viviane’s Wedding

Viviane also left her parent’s home before the age of 20. After one year and one month of dating, on July 22, 1992, Bishop Macedo walked his youngest daughter to the altar to marry the young assistant pastor Julio Freitas, in the former Universal Church of Santo Amaro.

“I remember that when I made the prayer, I cried.

– My God, when she is going through difficult moments, Lord remember this prayer – I cried into the microphone.

Then I blessed the couple and said, – May you be as happy as Esther and me.”

1995 - Global Persecution

The entire year of 1995 was punctuated by reports against the Universal Church in the newscasts and programs of Globo Network. The reporter highlighted, ad nauseam, images of various pastors carrying bags full of prayer requests. According to Globo Network, these bags were full of money.

2009 - Inauguration of the Cathedral in Soweto

Bishop Macedo performed the inauguration service of the cathedral in Soweto, where 6,000 South Africans filled the seats of the Church and more than 4,000 watched the meeting from the parking lot outside. There was not enough space for the number of people. The meeting was conducted in English with simultaneous translations to Xhosa and Zulu.

2010 - The Foundation Stone – The Temple of Solomon

The inaugural event of the Foundation Stone was held on the land where the Temple of Solomon would be built. Thousands of people were present on August 8, 2010. Bishop Macedo made two meetings, which were a mere preview of the future of this great work, designed according to biblical references.

2010 - Inauguration of the Cathedral in Portugal

Bishop Macedo performed the inauguration service of the first cathedral in Portugal, in the city of Porto. More than 8,000 people attended. It’s one of our most beautiful church buildings in the entire continent of Europe. And that was not the end. In December 2013, in the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, a major city in Portugal, we again opened a lovely new Universal Church.

2012 - Nothing to Lose in Prison

The first time Edir Macedo was present at one of the releases of his biography was historic. The bishop personally went to the Pinheiros Provisional Detention Center (CDP 3), in São Paulo, to hand out copies of the Nothing to Lose book. The unprecedented event was organized by the Universal Church, which strongly believes in the redemption of outcasts. Approximately 3,000 books were donated.

2013 - Nothing to Lose 2

The national launch of the second volume of the biography of Edir Macedo, “Nothing to Lose 2 – My challenges when facing the impossible” brought together artists, entrepreneurs, officials and journalists on the night of August 28th, at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. This work sold more than 3 million copies.

2010 - Inauguration of the Cathedral in Los Angeles – USA

Bishop Macedo inaugurates a beautiful and spacious cathedral in Los Angeles, California.

2013 - Nothing to Lose 2

The national launch of the second volume of the biography of Edir Macedo, “Nothing to Lose 2 – My challenges when facing the impossible” brought together artists, entrepreneurs, officials and journalists on the night of August 28th, at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. This work sold more than 3 million copies.

2010 - Inauguration of the Cathedral in Los Angeles – USA

Bishop Macedo inaugurates a beautiful and spacious cathedral in Los Angeles, California.

2014 - First meeting in the Temple of Solomon

After four years of work, the Temple of Solomon was inaugurated on Saturday morning, July 19th, in Brás, which is located in the central region of São Paulo. There were more than 10,000 people in the Sanctuary, which included bishops and pastors from all over the world, Levites, and a small number of entrepreneurs. Thousands of men of God from Brazil were there. Outside, a representative from each country, where our Church is present, raised its flag in faith.

2014 - Official inauguration of the Temple of Solomon

The official opening ceremony, on the last day of July 2014, was a landmark for the Universal Church. All the commitment, dedication and sweat were contemplated with an unforgettable opening ceremony, in the presence of the most renowned authorities and celebrities of Brazil and other countries. Among them was President Dilma Rousseff. Amazed, she said, “It catches people’s attention from far away. It’s very beautiful…”

2014 - Nothing to Lose 3

The third volume, “Nothing to Lose 3 – From the Bandstand to the Temple of Solomon: A Faith that Transforms”, recounts stories and life lessons experienced by the bishop as a father and husband. In exciting interviews, Bishop Edir Macedo speaks about his marriage to Mrs. Esther Bezerra, a union that has lasted over 40 years.

2015 - Silvio Santos visits the Temple of Solomon

On the week of its first anniversary, many distinguished guests visited the Temple of Solomon. One of them was Silvio Santos, accompanied by his wife, Iris, daughter Renata and friend and hairdresser Jassa. The TV host and owner of SBT had a tour of the Memorial, and stepped into the Tabernacle and the Sanctuary. Bishop Macedo and his wife, Ester Bezerra, accompanied him throughout the tour.

2015 - Commemoration of the first anniversary of the Temple of Solomon

Hosts, Renato and Cristiane Cardoso, opened the commemoration ceremony, which was marked by several tributes. Among them, more than 100 nations where the Church is present were remembered by entering with their official flags, to the sound of “Universal Perfume”, a song written by Marcelo Crivella.