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Baal is on a world tour – for what?

Imagem de capa - Baal is on a world tour – for what?

A replica of an archway of an ancient temple of Baal has been erected in public spaces in major cities around the world, since April of 2016.  Trafalgar Square in London for the three days leading up to the Jewish Passover, in Florence Italy for the political G7 summit, in Dubai for the World Government Summit, at City Hall in New York last year, and just this month on the Capitol Mall in Washington DC.  Next it travels on to Amsterdam, and Syria.  Why?

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development claims that it is merely showing a bit of history to the public.  So why not install it in a museum? Out of thousands of other great artifacts from history, why a piece of a Temple of Baal?  And why does it mysteriously remain only for a few days in each city before being dismantled, as If the historical society does not want too many people to know about it?

The original arch of Palmyra was built by the Romans in the second century as an entrance to a major temple of Baal that had already existed for 3000 years in Syria. This temple had a powerful furnace below a bronze statue with a bull’s head, which represented the god Baal.  Temple priests would place children and babies into its outstretched arms who would then roll into the blazing fire as human sacrifices.  Loud drumbeats would drown out the screams.  Temple prostitutes were used so that men or women who sought help from Baal would perform lewd acts with the prostitutes as a form of “worship.” It was a place of the most heinous atrocities committed against innocent children, against all that is good and just, and against God Himself. Baal is mentioned 94 times in the Bible as a destructive force against the people of God – the lord of the flies, the god of dung, a symbol of Satan himself.

And now a replica of this demonic religion is being honored around the world and praised by historians as part of our “global heritage.”

Many Christians suspect that this historical society is a cover for financial, business and political leaders in the world who are Luciferian – Satan worshippers.  Powerful men and women of influence who indulge in witchcraft and demonic practices to undermine Christian values in this world and to aggressively usher in the age of the antichrist. If you believe in the teachings of the Word of God, you know that the coming age of the antichrist will be a time of great apostasy, of hatred against the people of God, when immorality and degradation of all that is pure will be praised, when all innocence will be defiled.  It will be an age where only those who bow to the antichrist will be in positions of power.

Does it not make sense then, that in the prelude to this coming age, influential people would be actively pushing for these things to happen even now? Just look at the rapid changes in our societies and cultures around the world, where what once was right is now condemned as evil, and what was always considered evil or unhealthy is now praised as noble. Where the minds of children are being targeted for perverse sexual indoctrinations, and Christian principles are being denounced with hatred.

For those whose lives are on the altar of God, this arch is nothing more than a stone structure.  But others view this arch as a portal for dark spirits to flood into the cities of this world and take control of minds and hearts, asking Baal to take possession of our lands, our people, and our children. Is Satan responding?  Just look around! These events are all happening under the noses of weak, apathetic Christians who know nothing about the spiritual battle we are in, and who even block those who do.

Meanwhile another powerful replica of a spiritual artifact is making its own world tour – the Ark of the Covenant!  Who among us believes that by faith, our God can take hold of entire cities and nations as the representation of His presence enters each place?  Why are pagans so confident of their evil practices, while Christians are so wishy-washy?  Who is ready to get off the fence and engage in spiritual warfare like never before, starting with their own sins?  Apathy is not an option.  We have reached a time when fighting for God’s Kingdom is do or die.

I will punish Baal in Babylon,
and I will bring forth from his mouth what he has swallowed up;
and the nations will not flow together any more to him.
Indeed, the wall of Babylon will fall.  Jeremiah 51:44