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Why haven’t I received the Holy Spirit?

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Now the just shall live by faith… Hebrews 10.38

From the moment we accept to follow Jesus, everything – absolutely EVERYTHING – that we acquire is, and should be, by FAITH. I am referring to Abrahamic faith, which rules out any kind of emotion, and acts on reason or intelligence.

Abraham did not sacrifice Isaac moved by “emotional” faith, but by a faith that was completely stripped of emotions and clothed in intelligence, because the One that promised to reward him, has never or will ever fail to fulfill His promises (Hebrews 10.23). For this reason, God “commanded” us to look to Abraham.

Look to Abraham your father (In Faith)… Isaiah 51.2

The reason why many have not received the Holy Spirit, even though this is the Will of God, is because there is a lot of emotion while seeking Him. Some people seem to be begging, crying copiously, trying to “sensitize” God. The result: they never receive Him!

The Holy Spirit is “conquered” by faith, like everything else in our lives.

When you want to withdraw money from your account by using a check, and you know there is enough money in your account, you don’t have to “beg” the bank teller to give you money. You simply place the check on the teller’s counter, present some kind of ID (if necessary) and the teller will give you the money. That’s it! There are no emotions, nor is there a need to convince the teller to give you what is yours.

The Holy Spirit is a promise and a prophecy! God wants to give you His Spirit. Are there any doubts?

What else do you need, besides Faith, to receive the fulfillment of this promise and prophecy?

Therefore, when the man or woman of God, on the Altar, says: “Receive the Holy Spirit” by FAITH, receive Him.