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How to receive the Holy Spirit

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Step One: Understand

Understand that no one is baptized with the Holy Spirit because he deserves it. As long as a person thinks he has any merit, he will not receive Him. This baptism should be sought with all of your strength and heart, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Step Two: Want

This ‘want’ isn’t just a feeling or thought, nor should it happen because other people have Him, but because He is as necessary as Salvation. It is a desire similar to the forgiveness of sins. It is a burning desire, above any other dream or desire of the heart. More than living, marrying, conquering anything and everything, this is, more than anything a person or this world can offer. For this reason, the Lord enforces the condition of thirst. You must be thirsty. Very thirsty. Desperately thirsty. If anyone thirsts… (John 7.37) If the person doesn’t genuinely have this desire, it will be very difficult to receive Him.


Step Three: Thought

This ‘want’ must be followed by keeping the mind occupied with the Person of the Holy Spirit. Thinking of Him should be constant, whether you are at home, work, walking down the street, in church, or anywhere else. As much as you possibly can. It’s like when you’re dating. When you’re in love, you always end up thinking about the person you love, right? The same should happen with those who want to receive God’s Seal. The important thing is to keep your mind focused on Him. Needless to say, during this time, you should try to stay away as much as possible from anything that may harm your good conscience. Avoid keeping bad company or being around people that aren’t of the faith, vulgar distractions, and everything else that disrupts your relationship with the Spirit. It may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Faith demands sacrifices. If a person makes every effort to achieve material things, then he should do much more when it comes to achieving the things of the Spirit. Imagine the fullness of the Holy Spirit!

So there needs to be a supernatural effort.



When these conditions are met, the person doesn’t need to do anything else, let alone worry. Just wait. At any moment, and in any place, anywhere, he can be baptized. At home, at work, on the street, in church, there is nothing else that can delay the Lord Jesus to baptize you with His Spirit.


Note:During the time when you are keeping your “mind occupied” with the Person of the Holy Spirit, the devil is likely to whisper unclean thoughts. When this happens, know that it is an excellent sign that you are on the right track. Do not be discouraged. Do not worry. Do not think that you are sinning against Him. Temptation is not sin. Sin is when the person falls into temptation. Unforgivable sin is to offend or utter words against the Holy Spirit.

When unclean thoughts invade your mind, do not be afraid or disheartened. Take advantage of this moment and resist the devil by praising the Lord Jesus. Whether with songs, or with words of worship (in a high or low voice, it depends on your privacy). The important thing is not to fear or be intimidated by the unclean thoughts. You have to react! And react by praising God.