Bishop macedo | 27 de September de 2019 - 09:58

Who wants to do the Work of God?

Translation of the video:

God bless everyone that watches this video

We’re here in West Africa, more precisely, in Guinea Bissau

And we want to direct this video to all the men and women who want to do the Work of God

We’re going to share some of our experiences in this country so you can see the reality of what it’s like to serve God

The first thing is that hardly anyone has access to piped water

So everyone depends on a well

That’s right

If you have a well, you have water

and if you don’t, then you have to go to a well

It’s common to see women carrying containers, just like the images you see in movies.

Here it’s a reality

Women carry containers with water on their heads

Walking far away to get water

Another thing that caught our attention here is that the electricity comes from one generator that supplies the entire country

Because there is only one generator, there are often many problems

There are many hours of the day where the power runs out

But this is only when you’re able to pay the electric supply company

But, I believe 70-80% of the people living here don’t even have the money or conditions to pay for this generator

When we come home at night after the meeting, most of the residences are already dark because they don’t have electricity

People live without electricity

Another thing that caught our attention here in the country is that there are no supermarkets

What we know as grocery stores in Brazil, here they’re called taverns

This is where we go food shopping

This is the tavern near the house, as you can see right now

And it’s in this tavern that we buy our food

Vegetables, legumes, fruits… we buy somewhere else

Most of the time we have to pick and choose what we want off of the ground

And when it rains, there’s mud everywhere

It’s complicated

There are dirt roads everywhere here

The vendors spread a tarp on the ground and put the fruits and vegetables on top

We have to squeeze between people, sometimes under umbrellas, and get through the mud to make our purchases

Speaking of dirt roads, there is only one paved road in the country, which is the main street

The others, as you can see in the video, are all dirt roads

There is no asphalt

Another thing is the clothes, shoes…

What we call a bazaar in Brazil, which is where used clothes are sold

Here, it’s called a ‘fuca’

Most of the clothes here for sale come from donations

For example, Portugal sends used clothes, and here they resell it to the population

So we have to inspect everything closely

When we try on shoes, they already have the format of another foot

Sometimes the stitching is coming undone

Sometimes the heel is broken

But the clothes we wear are always from the ‘fuca’

They are always used clothes and shoes

Speaking of clothes, how do you do the laundry?

I do laundry like all Guinean women, in a bucket, and with a washboard or scrubbing board

It’s like the ripples in the washtubs in Brazil, here they’re plastic and are sold separately

We have no washtubs

The houses don’t have a laundry room

It seems that culturally this is not done

Those who own a home wash their clothes and hang it up to dry in the backyard

and if you live in an apartment, you wash clothes in the bathroom and hang them up on the balcony

Another difficulty we faced when we got here was the local dialect

Here they speak Creole

so when we arrived, people had a hard time understanding us, and we had a hard time understanding them

We struggled for about 2 ½ months until we learned enough to understand them and now they understand us so we can spread the message of Salvation

These are some, among so many other difficulties that exist here in the country

But what makes us happy is what the apostle Paul said:

I rejoice in the gospel of Christ

We’re not focused on the difficulties we’ve mentioned so far

We came here on a mission to save souls, and win souls

and this brings us joy 24 hours a day

Every person that accepts Jesus

We have been to places where people never heard about Jesus

Many times we feel like the apostles in this country

I’m reading the book of Acts, when Jesus ascended to Heaven

the apostles each went to a different part of the world to preach the gospel of Christ, to preach repentance

They took Jesus to where people hadn’t learned about Him yet

And after reading that part of the book of Acts, that’s how we see ourselves here today

Bringing the message of Jesus to people who have never heard about Him

The people have such a thirst that the other day when I went to evangelize in a Muslim neighborhood

there was a man that accepted Jesus

when I finished the prayer, he said that he wanted to give his life to Jesus right there and then

So I baptized him right there, on the street, with a bottle of water

in a place that had no conditions, but look at the joy we find in doing this

Some people were kicked out of their house because they accepted Jesus

They came to Church through an invitation and noticed something different, so they no longer wanted to leave

One woman went home and said she wanted to come to the Universal Church and that she accepted Jesus and she ended up getting hit

When she came back, she had a black eye, and said her father had kicked her out of his house

However, she says she doesn’t want to turn away from Jesus

Some people say, “I’m being threatened, but I fell in love with this God”

“I want to serve Jesus”

We have seen Muslims exchange Muhammad for Jesus

Switch the Quran for the Bible

This is priceless

There is no greater joy

This is what gives us pleasure: bringing Salvation to those who are lost

We don’t deserve this, but sometimes we feel like the apostles that Jesus chose to go out into the world and bring salvation to the afflicted, the desperate

So we live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with this joy and the pleasure of bringing Salvation to those who are lost

This is our joy

Those who are watching us now and want to serve God on the Altar as a pastor or pastor’s wife

this has to always be our focus: the souls

The afflicted, the desperate

Bring the Lord Jesus into the hearts of those who have never heard of Him

This has to be our pleasure

Even though we miss the food, the clothes, the shoes, the supermarkets, the mall

What else do you miss?

The basic things, the basic comfort that we don’t notice we have, here we notice that we had it

You’re going to miss certain things, but you overcome all that when a soul surrenders their life to Jesus

and that’s priceless

This is the Work of God

This is the reality of the Work of God

May the Holy Spirit strengthen those who want to do the Work of God so that you keep this focus

And lead people to Salvation

God bless you

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