Bishop macedo | 7 de February de 2020 - 16:17

Through one person

Discover the power that each human being has within themselves to transform…

Through one person, Adolf Hitler, close to 70 million people were decimated in World War II.

If the power and authority of a person who had a covenant with evil brought forth enormously tragic consequences, then surely the power and authority of a person who has a covenant with God can bring forth enormously blessed consequences.

Through one person, Noah, God began to populate the earth again. Through one person, Abraham, God separated a nation on Earth from where the Messiah would be born.

Through one person, Moses, God brought millions of people out of slavery. Through one person, Joseph, all nations were fed at a time of great drought.

The examples go on – both for good and bad.

In order for great things to happen, for historical facts to materialize, for moments to be marked and become true hallmarks that has changed the future of thousands, millions and billions of people, the actions of A SINGLE human being were enough. We can clearly see the power that each human being has within to transform situations and the world around him or her. This power does not depend on favourable conditions, age, religion, place or time. This power depends exclusively on the faith that is within him or her.

If we can clearly see how tremendous the consequences were when this power was allied with evil, imagine how great the results could be when allied to God? What God wants to do through you is even greater – for good – than what the devil did through Hitler – for evil. If Hitler was able to decimate 70 million people, imagine how many people God wants you to save? If Hitler managed to destroy millions of families, imagine how many families God wants you to help restore? If Hitler was able to leave the entire world in mourning, imagine how much God wants you to be the one responsible for a feast in Heaven?

Through one person. This person could be you. It just depends on your faith.

We cannot accept to be used by God only to accomplish small things, whilst the devil uses people to do big things!

  • Bishop Edir Macedo  

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