Bishop macedo | 7 de February de 2015 - 11:41

The result of abandoning the faith

The result of abandoning the faith


I also passed through an experience where I abandoned the faith. I was from another denomination, but was faithful to GOD and won souls for Him. I ended up marrying one of those souls. But, over time, my faith became weak and I abandoned JESUS. First my husband fell away from the faith, then me, because back then he was my god, not JESUS.

Soon after, he left me and I suffered a lot. I gave other relationships a try so I could fill the void, but nothing worked. I went into a deep depression, which led to early menopause at the age of 38. I thought about dying several times, and suffered tremendously for 7 years… Until I cried out to GOD for help one day, because I could no longer take feeling so much pain in my soul, and through a radio program, GOD brought me to the Universal Church, which is the Church I always swore never to set foot in.

Today I have been coming to Church for 3 years, I was healed from depression and back pain… by faith GOD restored my husband and he returned to me. Today I love my husband, but he is no longer my everything. GOD is First in all aspects of my life and the only thing I’m missing is the baptism with the HOLY SPIRIT, but I believe it will happen during this fast, because I am committed and determined to seek the extraordinary GOD that changed my life with all my heart.


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