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Semiramis, the Obelisk and the Christmas farce

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Many Christians innocently adhere to religious practices without even realizing that they are actually repeating some of the same acts and ‘rituals’ of pagan cultures in the past. The celebration of Christmas and the ‘cult’ of its tree are examples of how many can be misled by religion.

Semiramis, the Christmas farce and it’s tree

In order to speak about CHRISTMAS, we must go back to the time of NOAH, after the flood,

when HAM, one of his sons, saw him sleeping drunk and naked. He laughed at his father and ran to tell his other two brothers, SHEM and JAPHETH.

Instead of laughing, they walked backwards towards their father and covered his naked body. Once he learned about what had happened, NOAH cursed his son HAM, so that he and his descendants would serve his two other children. And every generation after him was cursed.

HAM married SEMIRAMIS (this is the woman on the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Reais – Brazilian currency, the Statue of Liberty, Lady Justice, the woman from Columbia Pictures, etc.)

and they had a son, NIMROD. He killed his father HAM and married his mother.

He was the founder of Babylon, Nineveh and other pagan cities. He tried to build the tower of BABEL, and GOD stopped him.

His uncle SHEM killed him because he was opposing GOD too much. SEMIRAMIS, his wife and mother, spread a lie and said that he had not died, but had in fact gone to heaven, since he called himself the sun-god.

SEMIRAMIS became pregnant and claimed it to be a gift from the gods, the reincarnation of NIMROD, when, in fact, it was the result of a betrayal, since her husband and son was already dead. And TAMMUZ was born on December 25, the sun-god of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and today, from the SS (secret societies).

He died during a hunting trip, probably by a wild animal, and his body was found slumped over a rotten tree trunk. His mother said that a pine tree sprout from the rotten trunk and every year, on the 25th of December, it was common for people to take a pine tree home and decorate it with gold and silver, as a symbol of the rebirth of TAMMUZ.

 The priestesses fasted and wept for 40 days and 40 nights over the death of TAMMUZ at the foot of the pine tree, and once finished, they thanked each other by exchanging gifts, which were placed at the foot of the pine tree. Every year, on the 25th of December, Christmas was celebrated (the birth of Tammuz).

When the PERSIANS dominated this region, they took all of their idols back to PERSIA, including the gods TAMMUZ, NIMROD and SEMIRAMIS, and simply changed their names. The GREEKS soon gained power and they did the same thing, by changing their names. They became ZEUS, APHRODITE AND EROS.

Then the Egyptians gained power and changed their names as well. They became OSIRIS, ISIS AND HORUS.

But during the times of JESUS CHRIST, ROME was in power and they also changed their names. They became known as VENUS AND CUPID, because the father figure was dropped. During the fourth century after CHRIST, to please the CHRISTIANS, who were in large numbers in ROME, Emperor CONSTANTINE decided to honor CHRISTIANITY, making it the official religion of ROME. To please them even more, he took the strongest names within CHRISTIANITY and gave the idols CHRISTIAN names.

SEMIRAMIS and TAMMUZ became known as BABY JESUS and VIRGIN MARY. As a result, Christmas was still being celebrated as the birth of baby JESUS, when in fact, this boy was TAMMUZ, a pagan god.

Another form of deceit, in disguise, are the Obelisks. Made of stone in a square and elongated shape, these monuments were precisely placed in the central area of open spaces and the temples of the sun god, Ra. And although in ancient Egypt an obelisk meant ‘protection’ or ‘defense’, please know what it really represents.


You are looking at the most famous public representation of a sexual act in the world. This obelisk, in the middle of the satanic Eight Steps to Enlightenment, is in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. It’s quite interesting to see a sexual representation at the Vatican, because they have a lot to say about sexuality, proof that the Roman Catholicism is a very deep form of satanism. Another proof is the ‘inverted cross’, used by the pope.

We conclude that the Obelisk is a monument made to worship gods, symbolizing Lucifer’s flag and sexual intercourse.