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He does not give up…

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Hello, Bishop!

I went through a situation, which I never thought I would experience in my life. I stopped looking to my Lord and started looking at the misleading illusions of the world. I was an assistant for 5 years. I was devoted, useful, but as time passed, this came to an end. I started working at night and wasn’t vigilant. My faith became weak, I felt trapped and wanted to do the same things I saw others do.

Until one day I decided to accept a ride from a co-worker. This was the worst day of my life, because it was the day I decided to turn away from everything. I began to live a lie. I no longer cared about the God who loved me so much. We started talking through WhatsApp, we exchanged phone number, went on dates… I went to Church, attended meetings, but it was as though my mind was far away. Only my body was there.

All I wanted to do was leave. So I decided to leave home without thinking about anything, without looking back. I left everything and went to live with my sister, who lived far away from the Universal Church I attended. I decided to run away. I thought everything was great… But this was just the beginning of my downfall. I started drinking, to the point of blacking out and hardly remembering anything the following day.

I got involved with married men and was threatened by them. But I was always aware of the purposes my mother did for me, and never forgot about them. However, my pride kept me from returning to my Lord.

Until one day I found myself in tremendous sorrow. I would cry all day long. So I remembered how happy I used to be in the presence of my Lord. I decided to return, turn away from sin, turn away from everything and surrender my life.

Bishop, today I am writing with a happiness that, I must confess, I haven’t felt in a very long time. I am giving my all for God’s all during this Fast of Daniel.

Today, on 02.08.2015, I can say OH, WHAT A DAY!

I thank God for every purpose made in my favor, for each tear. And, most importantly, because God did not give up on me!

Sara Daniele