Bishop macedo | 9 de May de 2019 - 23:05

Gospel among the Maasai tribe

Each church that is opened here is another doorway to the Kingdom of God. This is what has been happening with the Maasaitribe.

There are those who believe that charity is a way to become a better person and be approved by God. However, the Universal Church’s outreach work goes beyond the requirements of charity, brotherhood, and the sense of sharing with those in need.

When we distribute water, clothes and food, we also spread a message of faith, but the kind of faith that truly transforms!

Just take a look at the first Maasai church in Kenya, at Kajiado – Mile 46, which opened 4 years ago. We found out about their great need. Due to a lack of water, they had no food, their cattle died, and they were overcome by their daily trials.

Today, they have plenty of water for the animals and for the population. There is no longer a need to be thirsty, because our artesian well, which was drilled more than 300 meters deep, provides plenty of water for the entire community, at no cost!

However, not only was their physical thirst quenched, the thirst of the soul was quenched too!

Building an artesian well was an imminent decision, but we knew that the real solution would come only when they drank the Water of Life.

But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life. John 4.14

And in this intense work of guiding them to know the Lord Jesus, we have seen and witnessed the great transformation that took place in the Maasai community of Mile 46 – Kajiado.

Today we have a group of assistants, evangelists, youths and members baptized in water and also baptized with the Holy Spirit!

With the last rains, the people prospered even more. The drought not only left the land, but most importantly from the lives of those who gave themselves to the Lord Jesus.

Exactly 18 months ago, we reached the second Maasai tribe – Narok, a community that is suffering even more than the previous one, because they are located in a more distant and isolated place, with no nearby city, hospital, shops or any other basic convenience.

The distance from Nairobi to Mosiro Narok is 140 km away, which is a 3-hour drive.

The population is 16,000 people, of which 13,000 are genuinely Maasai.

We were doing a special prayer once a month in this community, but now we have a pastor that goes there every Friday.

Before, people walked 10km to get water from the river. But last year, Safaricom (the largest telecommunications company in Kenya) drilled an artesian well in Mosiro. However, though the water from the well was salty, it was still sold to the local community.

In Narok, the entire population is affected by constant droughts that decimate the few cattle they have, and the attacks of militias that take their children as slaves, besides the greatest misery man can have, which is not knowing the true God.

We quickly noticed their need and the opportunity for spiritual work to be done there. We bought a piece of land and once again were blessed with a water bed right beneath us. We then drilled an artesian well 300 meters deep on our Church land, obtaining the highest quality water, clean and fresh, at no cost to the local community which it supplies every day.

We are also finishing our Church, which will be inaugurated soon, approximately in the first week of June. However, for now, we are holding meetings every two weeks, because we know that real change will come from the experience each person has with the Lord Jesus.

Testimonies are already being heard. Soon this place will be flourishing like Mile 46.

God will make all things new here and, literally, there will be a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life in the middle of the desert.

Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43.1

What gives us the most joy is knowing that lives are being founded upon the rock, because physical thirst has to be quenched every day, but the thirst of the soul will no longer be in those who decide to seek the Living God.

To be in this place, and look to the left or to the right, takes us back to the day Abraham said to Lot, “Choose which side you want to go.” Genesis 13.8-9

Like Abraham, we choose to go where the “Lots” of our day don’t want to go and look with contempt, or may not even look, pretending not to see. This is a task for only a few.

But it is in this direction that God has taken us, to the desert, droughts, misery, because this is where God makes us prosper. This is where we find drinking water and people with thirsty souls, but when they receive the Water of Life, the Holy Spirit, their lives become like an artesian well, sources of living water.

Curiosity: Watch a short video of rain in a desert that is dry and starved with hunger as we build our Church. It’s simply great!

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