Bishop macedo | 9 de May de 2019 - 23:08

Fathers and mothers will understand

Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the ALTAR? James 2.21

When you unexpectedly have to travel and cannot bring your child, who do you trust to take care of him?

—Someone with a suspicious character?

—Someone with a history of aggression?

—Someone that doesn’t take care of their own children?

No, of course not. You wouldn’t even consider it!

You would choose someone trustworthy, respectable, has a good character, and therefore deserving of your full trust. By using these criteria, you will be at ease.

The same is true about the Altar, and this is what it gives us.

Abraham trusted his son to it.

What the Most High did in the life of Abraham did not happen by accident.

What was the use of having faith, but not trusting the Altar of the Author of the faith?

Without a doubt, he received more than he asked for and thought about, and he continues and will continue to receive until the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Altar multiplies!

This greatness of God is only for those who trust in Him, and those who trust, remain dependent on the Almighty God.

Abraham trusted the Most High because he trusted His Altar and vice versa.

It is not coherent to say that you believe in God when you don’t unconditionally trust His Altar. Everything we need has always been there, even long before we came into this world.

If Abraham trusted his son to the Altar, why don’t you trust your past, present, and future?

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