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Thought #18 — Sewage coming out of the faucet

Part of the “40 Thoughts of Jesus” series – start reading from #1 here…

“Why do you have such evil thoughts in your hearts?” Matthew 9.4

Jesus was accompanied by some people who always thought the worst of Him. For those people, if He forgave the wrongs of someone, He was blaspheming against God. If He cast out a demon from someone, it was because He had the chief of demons with Him. If He mingled with thieves and prostitutes, surely He was stealing and sleeping with prostitutes as well.

You probably know people like that. We, from Universal, certainly do.

Having evil thoughts in the heart is a disease. I don’t mean to say it’s possible for someone to never have a bad thought. Far from it. We’re human. We all have bad thoughts, including myself. However, the disease I am talking about is when someone constantly has evil thoughts towards others or towards himself. It has become a habit, an addiction that one has and does not even notice.

Imagine opening the faucet of your bathroom sink and only sewage comes out. Then you go to the kitchen, open the sink and what comes out? More sewage. How would it be living in a house like this? Madness? Uninhabitable? Right, but this is how a person who keeps evil thoughts lives.

The mind is our source of ideas, decisions, direction, and solutions. But if it is putrid like a cesspool, full of evil thoughts, what will come out of it?

Do not say you cannot control your thoughts. You have the power to do it. Be vigilant over what comes into your mind through your eyes and ears. Pay attention to what you do with what is already in there, because sooner or later, it will come out.

As you progressively absorb the Thoughts of Jesus, your own are automatically being purified.

Application: Be vigilant over your thoughts. Rebuke the evil ones. Make room for the good ones. Repeat the process.

Do you have an issue with evil thoughts? Where do they come from? What can you do to cut off their source? If you used to have an issue with this and you were able to overcome, tell us how you did it and you will help others.


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