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IntelliMen Challenge #2

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Challenge #2

Do not start before completing Challenge #1


Challenge: Identify three things about yourself that you will improve.
Directions: Our project’s aim is to make men better, so you need to identify where you need to start improving as a person. We all need to improve in many ways. But we can´t do everything at the same time. And so, we want you to choose three areas of your life where you need urgent improvement. Think about things that will make a big difference in the shortest period of time. Examples of areaslu and possible improvements are:

  1. Eating habits: Stop food cravings; reduce your fried food intake by half, reduce sugar, eat more fruit, etc.
  2. Relationships: Overcome shyness, stop being rude, pay more attention to your spouse, listen more and speak less, etc.
  3. Character: Stop lying once and for all, always keep your word, finish what you start (stop giving up halfway through projects), develop a reputation for being responsible and reliable, etc.
  4. Spiritual Life: Prioritize reading and meditating on the Bible, be less emotional and more rational, develop the habit of turning to God in prayer, decide that the Sunday and Wednesday meetings in church are non-negotiable, etc.
  5. Financial: Stop spending money on stuff you don’t really need, stop trying to impress others with material things, start being more generous and less stingy, etc.

These are a few examples that illustrate the types of changes you might need to make. You probably need to think about your own goals when deciding what to concentrate on. Obviously, it should not be something that is easily. This challenge is about choosing something difficult, something that will require effort to change and improve. Remember, identify three things.

Set up a reminder: Write down the three things you chose and create a reminder, so that you read over your goals several times a day. For example, stick a note on your bathroom mirror or wardrobe door, put a note on your desk or the dashboard of your car, make it the wallpaper of your computer or mobile phone, or have a daily alarm on your smart phone that reminds you of these three things, etc.

Official Buddy: Remind your Buddy to complete this Challenge and consider talking to each other about the three things you identified. If you want to keep them to yourself, no problem. But whenever possible, share your discoveries and goals so that you are accountable to each other, and are able to cheer each other on.

Deadline: You can start this Challenge immediately and should completed it within a week.

Posting: When you’ve finished — and only then — … when you’ve identified the three things, set up your reminder, and communicated with your Official Buddy, then post your experience of this Challenge, on Facebook or Twitter (IntelliMen pages, not on your profile) with this header:

IntelliMen Challenge #2: Done! I learned that… (Complete it with your own words)

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