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This tool will help you stay focused

This tool will help you stay focused

I’ve developed this simple tool to help my son stay focused on his goals. One of the biggest problems of today’s youths (and of many adults as well) is to be easily distracted. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, till the time we close them at night, there are so many things to distract us, that it is becoming harder and harder to keep focused on what really matters. Should I start my day checking my Facebook, turning on the radio, or looking at my to-do list for today? Obviously, these are just a few out of dozens of options.

Young people in general, tend to be more susceptible to these distractions because to them, everything is new. Therefore, thinking about long-term goals, and staying focused are not a priority for many of them. Whereas for us, parents, who have a bit more experience, it is frustrating to see so much energy, time and opportunity being wasted by our children due to their lack of focus.

Who knows, maybe this tool I have developed may help someone… if at least one person can be helped, it will be enough to make me very happy. So, here it is. Perhaps you might find it useful in sharing with your teenage child.

Click on the image to visualize the PDF in full:

Click here to enlarge image and download the PDF

Click here to enlarge image and download the PDF

How to use this tool:

  1. Think carefully about one clear and specific objective you will notice once it’s been accomplished. Write it down on the top box.
  2. Every morning, think about ONE important thing you can do during the day that will bring you closer to your objective. Write it down on the bottom box.
    Now, GO AND DO IT!

One thing a day, every day. When you least expect, you will have made it. Log on this webpage every morning and take 5 minutes to think about it and update it.


Objective: Improve my math grades to straight “A’s” till the end of the semester.
What I am going to do TODAY: Take 30 minutes to update my notes and pinpoint my weakness.
(tomorrow, the objective remains the same, but the daily task will probably change to something that’ll bring you even closer to it. For example: “ask my teacher about extra classes and support that I can get to overcome the weaknesses I’ve identified.”)


Objective: Learn how to develop a website to help advertise my father’s business.
What I am going to do TODAY: meet with my friend who is a web designer and get some tips from him.
(Depending on what you’ll find out today, you may take a step further, like search the internet on how to use the programs you’ll need to build the website.)

You may use this tool for as many objectives as you see fit. Just make copies and keep it where you can check on it every morning. I have developed this webpage on Google Docs and I’m sharing the link here, should you like to use it. Feel free to share this with others.

I hope to have helped you. Leave your comments about what you (or your child) thought of the tool here below.



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