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The world’s most underused energy

The world’s most underused energy

One of the ways to measure the progress of mankind through the ages is to observe how it progressively discovered and learned to make use of the various forms of energy available. Starting with its muscle strength and animals, then fire, wind, coal, gas, oil, electricity, then nuclear… and many others. Mankind’s progress is directly connected to the discovery and use of these energies. Without them, life as we know today would not exist.

Yet, unfortunately, few have acknowledged and used the energy of God. He is known as the “Almighty”. As a matter of fact, He is the source of all power and every form of energy that are known to mankind, as well as the ones yet unknown. Wherever the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Bible, He is related to some form of power. Here are a few examples:

  • Physical strength, as in Samson (Judges 14.6)
  • Courage, as in Gideon (Judges 6.34)
  • Wisdom, as in Joseph of Egypt (Genesis 41.38)
  • Bravery, as in Joshua (Numbers 27.18)
  • Power over stronger enemies, as in David (1 Samuel 16.13 and 17.44-45)
  • Strength to be submissive, to lead and work as a team, as in Amasai (1 Chronicles 12.18)
  • Audacity to confront opposition, as in Peter and John (Acts 4.8,13)

And I will not even mention here the occasions where the Holy Spirit is the agent of a miracle, peace, or character transformation.

Imagine the power of The One who created the fire, light, electricity, wind, nuclear energy, etc… WITHIN YOU.

You pay your bills every month in order to have some of these energies in your house — and you will do it until you die, because you need them. You cannot imagine yourself without them and would do anything to have them. Even homeless people use whatever they have to light a fire, buy a hot meal, or have a cell phone.

The question is: what have you been doing to seek and receive the energy of the Holy Spirit? How essential is He to your life?

The development of your life is directly connected to the discovery and use of the energy of the Holy Spirit. In spiritual terms, without Him you will live as a caveman.

If you believe in God, isn’t it about time you develop and get out of the cave?

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29.13)


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