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The least a man can offer his wife


This one is to illustrate that a woman is not as complicated as she seems: A man woke up with a terrible hangover and a throbbing black eye. He turned to the other side of the bed and, instead of his wife, he found a red rose with a note attached to it: “Honey, breakfast is served. I went grocery shopping to cook your favorite dinner tonight. Love you!”

Still puzzled, he got up, went to the kitchen and, sure enough, breakfast was there – scrambled eggs, French toasts, orange juice, coffee, the works; and his eight-year-old son sitting and waiting for him. “Johnny”, he asks the boy, “what happened last night?”

“Well, dad, you got home drunk again, stumbled on a chair and got yourself that black eye.”

“So, why the rose, the breakfast and this love note from mom, son?”

“Oh, that? Mommy had to drag you to the bedroom and while she was trying to get you undressed, you started to scream, ‘Let go of me, I’m a married man!’”

In other words, she would put up with his binge drinking because at least he was a faithful husband even while he was drunk. I tell you that this is not too far from the truth I have witnessed in many marriages I’ve come across.

Women put up with a lot of stupidity from their husband. In general, they are much more forgiving and willing to offer their spouse another chance not to lose their marriage than their husband. They put up with stuff that most men would not.

Therefore, husbands, the least you can offer your wife is your faithfulness. It is not all that she wants, but it matters a lot. In a world where women come onto married men and married men change wives like they change their cell phone, a faithful husband is a precious gemstone rare to find.

I remember a famous soccer player who tried to justify his notorious womanizing behavior saying, “The supply is too big. Each woman is prettier than the previous. I just can’t say ‘no’ to them.” Through these words, he showed the root of the issue: He acted like a weak man. Strong in the soccer field, strong in training, strong enough to control his diet, but weaker than his penis.

A woman of self-respect is willing to put up with a lot of stuff from her husband. Cheating is not one of them.

This is the least you can offer her.


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