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Rejoice in the day that God has provided you; if you are part of His purpose, you have a partner for both good and difficult moments.

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

See the psalmist’s attitude towards each new day. It’s so different from what many people do today, starting a new day, a Monday, already complaining. Do you know that cartoon character? “Oh me, oh my, oh dear”. The person starts complaining, dragging themselves out of bed, just getting by, without enthusiasm, without perspective.

But it’s natural for a person who lives without a reason or a purpose to treat each day as a burden they must carry.

Maybe you are like this. The psalmist says, “How wonderful that God has allowed me to see one more day! I will rejoice for this day! See, just being alive, breathing, putting my feet on the ground and having two strong legs to support me brings me joy.” So, a person who doesn’t have a purpose can’t see this, so their days are like a punishment.

How to change this? How can we rejoice in each day that the Lord has made? This is a matter of faith, of perspective. When I wake up, I know I will have problems to solve, and not everything is as I would like it to be. My life is no different from someone else’s life. But what drives me? The first thing is knowing that I live for a purpose infinitely greater than myself, God’s purpose. And when I understand that He chose me and placed me within this purpose and my life serves this purpose, this is a fuel that moves my body as blood courses through my veins.

When you have a purpose, it strengthens you. You know why you get out of bed, work, and go through hardships. You have a vision beyond all this happening here and now.

You need to find your purpose. And it’s not something you need to travel the world and climb mountains to discover. Your purpose has already been established: We are here to know God. We receive the good news of Salvation, which gives us hope beyond this life. Our existence goes far beyond this world’s existence. And we take what we receive to other people.

When you understand God’s purpose for your life, you begin to live It. And it doesn’t get old. You don’t depend on anything in this world. Your fuel comes from above. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Sunday, if it’s early morning, if people love or hate you. None of that matters. You are beyond the things of this world.

And you get out of bed and say as the psalmist says: “Thank God for another day! Thank God for the problems I’m going to face today! Thank God for the struggles and strength He gives me! Thank God for this purpose because there is no life outside of it.” Do you believe it? So, start saying this every day of your life.

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