Blog Renato Cardoso | 26 de September de 2017 - 09:00

September 7th (Brazil’s Independence Day)

IT IS HARD to change a country where people are more concerned when it goes down to the world soccer ranking than the fact it is second to last in education*.

But I keep on believing we can change that; but the change has to start from within, in the mind of Brazilians. We have to follow the advice, “Instead of complaining, do something to fix it.” If all of us start believing and doing something to improve the country instead of just belittling Brazil and Brazilians, that will be progress. Progress which, of course, can only begin with discipline in the way of thinking.

Wake up, Brazil … I mean, Brazilians.

* Brazil is currently ranked 1st in FIFA and ranked 35th in education among 36 countries, ahead of Mexico alone.


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