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NEVER base your life on a popular saying

“A mother’s love is the only true love.”


Then, try saying this to children who’ve been abandoned and are now living on the streets, to daughters who have been sold into prostitution, or to children who suffer abuse with their mothers’ consent.

No, I don’t mean to pick on mothers – as many of them are a great example of love. I just want to point out yet another false popular belief created by people who are disappointed at the way their love life is.

God’s love is the only true love. Because we human beings have distanced ourselves from Him, we don’t know how to love as we should. So if you don’t strive to LEARN from the Source of Love, whether you’re a mother, father, wife, husband, in love, or a lover, you won’t know how to truly love.

How many mothers, despite all their love, have inadvertently left their children traumatized and full of complexes by saying things like, “You should be more like your sister, or no man will want to marry you…”?

Their intentions are good, but they’re using the wrong choice of words to achieve the desired results. Yes, even the proverbially perfect “mother’s love” can hurt a child without realizing it. That’s why we all need to LEARN to love, and not just rely on feelings of love. After all, feelings (not common sense) are among the greatest generators of popular sayings and beliefs.

Instead of relying on popular sayings, build your life upon the infallible and most intelligent advice of God.

P.S. Just a tip: The above text is not about mothers.


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