Blog Renato Cardoso | 23 de May de 2017 - 15:52

Love and choice

To love is a choice, a decision that does not depend on external pressure. I can’t love someone if I don’t have a choice. To love is to be able to choose any other person I want and yet decide to be with only one; it’s to be free to do whatever I want and yet choose to do what pleases the one I love.

In a relationship involving true love, there’s no controlling each other. No one in their right mind wants their partner to do (or not do) anything out of fear. That is not love.

Many times, we sacrifice and compromise on certain things for the one we love. But these choices must be done out of free will and with joy, to please the other person, and not out of fear of losing or suffering retaliation.

If you’ve been a controlling partner, work on your insecurities.

If you feel controlled within a relationship, work on your assertiveness.


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