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John 13: Loving those who don’t deserve it

John 13: Loving those who don’t deserve it

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This whole chapter happens around a dinner table with Jesus and his twelve disciples. Jesus knew “his hour had come,” so He wanted to spend His last minutes near His disciples teaching them important lessons. John highlights that the Lord loved them “to the end.”

If only couples would capture and practice this kind of love, the kind of love that loves until the end… They wouldn’t get divorced. They wouldn’t battle it out, rip out each others hearts or their childrens through selfish attitudes.

Love until the end. What a strange concept this is to many. Most people love to an extent. They love until the money runs out, the “chemistry” stops flowing, or until someone more interesting comes along.

Let’s also note who Jesus loved until the end. One who betrayed Him for thirty coins. Another who denied knowing Him, three times. Another who doubted His resurrection. Others who fought amongst themselves for the title of most important. Men who at times irritated Him so much so that He said: “until when am I going to be among you?”

Despite of all that, He loved them until the end. And, He taught them an unforgettable lesson of this kind of love, by washing their feet. “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.”

This kind of love has nothing to do with sentimentalism, good manners filled with hypocrisy, or sweet words with the intention of impressing. The love that Jesus expects from us is a love illustrated through service towards another, considering them greater than ourselves, even if they’re not.

Honestly, how many times have we failed to practice this love? How many times would we rather do anything but serve that annoying, petty person who bothers us like a pebble in our shoe? How many times do we consider ourselves greater and more important than others?

Not only does Jesus give us this new commandment, but also guarantees us that obeying it is a sign that we’re really His disciples.

Impossible to do?

Only those who know God and received His love personally can offer this type of love to their wife, husband, friends and enemies. How can you not give a little to those who don’t deserve it, if I received so much without deserving anything?


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