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IntelliMen Challenge #19


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Challenge #19

Don’t start before completing Challenge #18.
If you want to join the IntelliMen Project, start from Challenge #1.


Challenge: Invite your wife/fiance/girlfriend to do The Love Walk. (If you don’t have a girlfriend, read about what you should do below.)

Explanation: There’s not much to explain about the importance of a man investing in his relationship. The only thing to emphasize is this: what truly separates and IntelliMan from an ordinary man, with respect to love, is that an IntelliMan takes the initiative to care for his relationship, while an ordinary man is complacent and has to be pushed by his wife.

It doesn’t matter whether you started dating yesterday, are engaged, are in love and plan to get married, or if you’ve been married to the same woman for 104 years, you need The Love Walk. It’s the oxygen of a relationship. So, without further explanation, go to the The Love Walk’s official page, read all about it, watch the videos, buy your Walk Packet/Kit, and speak to the one you’re in love with and arrange the date.

If you’re single and are not dating anyone right now, but have someone in mind that you’d like to invite to do the Walk with you, this is your opportunity. Summon up the courage, and like a good IntelliMan, speak to her. You already have a “no,” why not try for a “yes”? Doing the Love Walk doesn’t mean you have to start dating afterwards. Just do the questions in the Kit/Package for singles, and see what happens.

But what if you’re too young to think about dating? Okay, no need to rush. But there is something you can do. Your challenge is to speak to your parents, older brother, uncle or any other married couple, and encourage them to do the Love Walk. Whether or not they do it is not your problem. Your task is to explain to them what it is, and encourage them to do it.

IntelliMen Workbook: After doing the Walk, write some lines about what was most helpful to you.

Official Buddy: Encourage your Buddy to do the Walk. Don’t let him give excuses for why he can’t.

Deadline: This challenge should be completed within a month from now.

Posting: This challenge requires two posts for those who are doing the Walk, and only one for those who are too young, and who have the task of encourage a couple to participate. For those who do the Walk: the first post should be done after you buy your Kit/Pack, saying: #intellimenchallenge19 the walk: I already bought my kit/pack for the Love Walk. The second post should be a photo of both of you on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook page (not your own) or on Twitter, with this heading:

#intellimenchallenge19 completed: I did the Love Walk with the one I love. (add other comments if you want)


For those who will encourage a couple, post:

#intellimenchallenge19 completed: I spoke to a coupe about the Love Walk. (add other comments if they agree to do it)

 Links:  (when tweeting, use @intellimenworld in your message)




Verification checklist

  • I invited the one I love to do the Love Walk
  • I bought my Kit/Pack
  • I encouraged my Buddy to do the challenge
  • I did the Walk/recommended it to a couple
  • I posted my comments on Facebook/Twitter



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