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Cleaning your mind means taking away everything that is dirty, rotten and contaminated that you put before your eyes every day, and there is a way to do this. In this video, I'll show you two steps. Apply them, and you will see the results.

Mind Sanitation: How can you clean your mind? We know that today, most people’s minds have become one big waste bin. Because so much information has never been produced worldwide, most of this information is not edifying.

What is “mental sanitation”? It’s taking the impregnated dirty thoughts out of your mind so that you don’t keep thinking or bring back these negative images and ideas to your imagination. You know they’re bad for you! They cause depression, anxiety and all the evils of the soul. The problem is not in the body but in the spirit (which is where we think). The person with bad thoughts tends to self-sabotage. For example, some people are preparing for a test at school or a job interview, and dirty thoughts come, saying: “You won’t make it. You’re dumb. Who are you?” And the person sabotages themselves and destroys opportunities. They have become their worst enemy.

What is your first memory? What is your earliest memory? How old were you? Chances are you thought of a bad thing. You remembered a fight between your parents, a beating you took at school. It was something bad that happened to you and marked you. Do you know why this happens? Because the human mind tends to record negative experiences much more than positive ones.

So, ‘mental sanitisation’ involves you pulling those thoughts out. What can you do about it?

The first thing is to identify recurring bad thoughts. What kind of dirt appears in your mind? To solve a problem, first, you must identify it.

Next step: stop bringing what caused or is causing these thoughts into your mind. What are you watching? What are you listening to? You have to sanitise your mobile phone. What information have you been consuming? News, channels, entertainment?
You will cut out of your life what is bad for you.

Think about it and watch the video above.


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