Blog Renato Cardoso | 21 de September de 2011 - 12:07

How are you coping?

When life’s problems get out of hand; when the stress is too much; when you really don’t want to face the music — how do you cope?

I have noticed how people develop “coping mechanisms” to deal with unpleasant situations in their lives. It’s the refuge they run to when they just don’t want to deal with their problems. I’ve compiled a list:

  • addiction
  • affair
  • fraud (the lure of easy money)
  • pornography
  • anger
  • hurting others
  • becoming overly critical
  • burying their head in work
  • shopping
  • comfort eating
  • going on vacation
  • nightclubs
  • divorce and remarriage
  • throwing money at the problem
  • riding emotional rollercoasters
  • just letting it be, trying not to think about it
  • waiting, giving it time
  • learning how to live with the problem
  • painkillers
  • music
  • religion

All of the above are common things people do or resort to as a way of simply coping with a situation they cannot, will not, or don’t know how to resolve.

Of course, these escapisms don’t really lead to an escape from your problems. They only enable the problems to grow and eventually blow in your face.

The sooner you come back to reality and decide to do something smarter, the better your chances to succeed.

Sometimes you need a helping hand to get started.

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