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Detach yourself!

Detach yourself!

Albert Einstein is credited with the following prediction: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Albert, it looks like we’ve already reached that point:

Our information consumption habits are destroying our sociability, productivity, power of attention and creativity. That is, we no longer know how to interact with people, we don’t produce as much as we could at work, we find it difficult to focus on something for long periods, and we practically don’t create anything anymore—we just consume information that bombards us every few seconds on a screen near us.

This is so damaging that there are companies today that prohibit their employees from using work email after hours, while others have eliminated internal email altogether. Some productivity gurus advise taking a break from technology to improve mental and physical health.

Don’t get me wrong: I love technology. But I confess that I have felt many of the symptoms of information overload I mentioned above; this why I embrace the Fast of Daniel with all my faith and intelligence.

[Find out more about what the Fast of Daniel here.]

The next Fast of Daniel begins on 20th September at midnight and will end on 10th October. It’ll be 21 days of mental, emotional and spiritual refreshment for those who want to invest in the most important parts of their lives: their mind and spirit.

Let’s go on a mental and spiritual retreat.

Let’s filter out all unnecessary activities, eliminate distractions and useless information, and focus on what matters.

Do you think YOU can do the following for 21 days?

  • Use the Internet only for work or study
  • Keep the radio and TV switched off, except for content that builds up your faith
  • Give preference to reading and meditating on the Word of God
  • Set aside time to think about your life, evaluate things and do some self-help.
  • Cultivate moments of silence to hear the voice of God, pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit

I’m sure you can. The question is… do you want the benefits that this retreat will bring?

I hope you accept the challenge. Click here to better understand what the Fast of Daniel is about. And every day during this period, I will post a message here on the blog to inspire you. Leave your comments and share your experiences.

Let’s grow together.


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