Blog Renato Cardoso | 23 de May de 2013 - 09:53

You’re even more beautiful in person


“You’re even more beautiful in person!” You haven’t seen anything…

You have to learn to see the beauty beyond your partner’s skin. Many people who meet my wife say, “You’re even more beautiful in person than on TV!” I know they’re referring to Cristiane’s physical beauty, besides her smile and graciousness.

But they don’t see the beauty I see. Things like the pleasure she feels in making other people happy, sharing the goodness she has to offer them. When I see her eyes sparkling, her persistence in doing good, her joy in knowing that she made a difference in someone’s life – that’s when I see a deeper beauty, beyond her skin. It’s beauty within her soul. It makes me happy because that beauty won’t wither away with time.

If you don’t learn how to find your partner’s inner beauty, your marriage is doomed to routine, boredom and indifference towards each other.



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