Blog Renato Cardoso | 15 de February de 2014 - 11:40

Who is the closest person to you?

Who is the closest person to you?


The closest person to you is you. You will always have to live with yourself, that’s why you should do your best to be good company.

If you don’t like yourself, ask yourself a personal question: is it because there’s something really wrong with me or because I’m looking at myself through the eyes of critical people that don’t love me?

You can’t do anything about the critics.

But if you notice that there is something really wrong with you, work on it. Attack that weakness or problem. Don’t give up. Yes, you will stumble. You will disappoint yourself. But with determination, you will improve.

After all, there is no other option. You’ll be with yourself until your last breath. So the best thing to do, is to try to improve as a person and make it a pleasant journey.


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