Blog Renato Cardoso | 8 de August de 2017 - 18:34

When repentance comes in too late

One of the saddest things with the end of a marriage is that the couple only realizes the value of what they had when it’s already too late. It’s only after signing the divorce documents, sharing the goods, the furniture, the custody of the children, the pets, and going to live apart that reality kicks in. Then they realize how much they have left behind by giving up on the marriage. It’s unavoidable the feeling that, “we could have tried more”.

Obviously, not all divorces end this way, and some can end up being a true relief. Yet the majority of the so called “beyond repair” marriages are possible to save.

However, in order to accomplish what was never achieved, it’s necessary to try what never was tried. And you can start with one of the partners — normally the strongest one.

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