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To those who need immediate change

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If Jesus, in flesh and blood, came to your house, sat down with you to listen and give you advice, do you believe your problems would be solved?

Pause for a second. Picture this: Jesus, in person, sitting down on the couch in front of you, listening, talking to you, and ready to help in whatever you need.

You may think: “I wish…” but would He solve your problems and change your life? Let’s look at a situation where this exact scenario took place, and its two very different outcomes.

You may read about this story in the Gospel of Luke 7:36-50

Simon, the owner of the house, who offered a dinner to Jesus and His disciples, had this opportunity, but received nothing from Him. On top of that, he saw a prostitute, who hadn’t even been invited to be there, being blessed by Jesus right under his nose.

The truth is that many who saw Jesus face-to-face, spoke with Him, touched Him, did not receive anything from Him. The story of Simon reveals that if you do not show your faith, then even being in the physical presence of Jesus won’t help.

  • The woman entered as a prostitute, but left holy; she came in lost, but left saved.
  • Simon ended up worse off than before — he did not believe, doubted that Jesus was a prophet and, to make matters worse, learned he was filled with prejudice.

What happened there?

The sinner gave all of herself: the body she used to lie down with men, she laid at Jesus’ feet. The tears she’d cried all her life, she shed on His feet. She used her pretty hair as a towel. The mouth she used to seduce her clients, kissed His feet. And she poured out the most precious perfume till the last drop upon Him. All she had went to Jesus.

The result was immediate! No words were exchanged, but there was action.

Do you want immediate change? Do you want to stop being a certain way and become a new person?

  • From being jealous to being secure
  • From being an adulterer to being faithful
  • From being aggressive to being calm
  • From having low self-esteem to being self-assured
  • From being lonely to being chosen
  • From being rejected to being accepted
  • From being shy to being brave
  • From being separated to reconciling
  • From being divorced to being married
  • From being used to being valued
  • From being an addict to being clean
  • From being anxious to being confident

Then put your faith in action! Pour out all of you at the feet of Jesus. Detach yourself from wrong ideas, thoughts and bad habits — everything that ties you to your old life. The change will be IMMEDIATE!


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