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Thought #6 — It’s not what, it’s Who

Part of the “40 Thoughts of Jesus” series – know more about it.


If you knew what God can give you and Who is asking you for water, you would be asking Him for a drink and He would give you living water. — John 4:10

“Oh, that My people would know Me… Oh, that My people would listen to Me!” This is God’s lament, well expressed here in this thought of Jesus. He asked a Samaritan woman, who came to draw water, to give Him a drink. Moved by local prejudice, she immediately put up a barrier around her. Jews and Samaritans would not share a meal or drink from the same cup. “Why are you, a Jew, asking me for water? Are you going to drink from my pot?”

When people do not know God, they are filled with prejudices. Blacks have no soul. Whites are the devil. The Germans are cold-hearted. The British are ugly. Gays deserve a good beating. Pastors are thieves.

Prejudices are in fact the biggest thieves. They rob us of knowing who people really are. We are the ones missing out.

The Samaritan woman was talking to the Creator, but prejudice made her see Him as a Jew full of himself and nothing more. She haggled with the Source of Living Water over a glass of water. If only she knew what He could give her…

Knowing God not only cures people of all prejudice but it also makes them a fountain that gives life, non-stopping, wherever they go.

Application: What God asks of you, however big it may be, is very little compared to that He has to give you. Look at Who is asking, and not at what is being asked.

Have you ever experienced prejudice or been prejudiced against anyone? Tell us your experience and what it has taught you.


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