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Thought #13 — Do you qualify to be a judge?

Part of the “40 Thoughts of Jesus” series – know more about it.

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged.” Luke 6.37

The world is full of judges on duty, eager to declare their sentence over any given case or person. You have already been their victim. And you have judged others too.

Once more, Jesus hits bull’s-eye in one great human weakness. It seems that as we judge other people, we feel somehow that we’re better than they. More often than not, our observations about the “flaws” of others are made under the scope of our “virtues”.

“Just have a look at the indecent outfit she’s wearing!” Real meaning, “Look how decently I dress.”

“He is too slow.” Real meaning: “I’m quick, I get things done fast.”

“Your way aggravates me!” Real meaning: “I am not like you, my way is much better.”

A fair judge must have some qualities to judge with equity. He needs at least three things: (1) be fair with himself; (2) know the law; and (3) have all the information about the case and the person involved. So ask yourself: who is qualified to be a fair judge? Do you understand now why Jesus told us we should not judge?

Do not let this encouraging promise go unnoticed: “You will not be judged.” By God, I mean.

One thing has to be clear, though: while we should not judge others, we should always judge between the good and the evil  before us and make the right choices. Paul expressed his thought in this way: “Test all things. Hold on to what is good. Stay away from every kind of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21,22)

Application: If no one made you the judge over somebody or over a situation, don’t judge. But constantly examine everything that is before you, hold on to what is good and stay away from what is bad.

Do you see yourself judging other people sometimes? Have you been pre-judged or wrongly judged? How did you feel? Would you like to share any experience in that regard? Leave your comment.


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