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To believe is to trust and surrender your life to God; it's your decision! It is also your decision to choose which group you will be in the saved or the lost? The world's most important message is available to help you choose.

One of the saddest scenes you will see is a father and mother burying their child. You must have seen this, or maybe you had to go through it. And this pain is multiplied when it’s an only child. You wouldn’t want anyone to go through that. But that’s precisely what God did for you and me.

The most famous verse in the Bible, which has the importance of summarising the entire Bible, says: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

God was able to do this with His Only Son, leading Him to the sacrifice of the cross, not because He wanted to punish the Son, but because He wanted to give us a way out so that we would not perish eternally in the fire of hell (a place that was not created for man, but for the devil). The worst thing that happens in this place is not even the fire but the total absence of God. If you imagine darkness as the complete absence of light, you may have a vague vision of hell.

Let’s think about this world. Many say: “hell is right here”. But these people don’t know that, despite the condition of this world, the Spirit of God is still in this world. And He is working through those who are His. Even though most reject Him in this world, He is here.

In an episode known as ‘ rapture ‘, there will be a time when the saved will be removed from Earth to be spared. At the beginning of the “Great Tribulation”, the Holy Spirit will be taken out of the world. And then this world will become the “waiting room” of hell because this world will turn into outrageous chaos. Then, men will be left to their cravings. All those who resisted God’s messages will be here to prove that choice.

As there will still be a knowledge passed on to many (in the church, in the messages, in the verses recorded in memory), the few who will have the courage to assume faith will say: “Everything I heard was true”. “Everything my mother and father said was true”. “What I read in the Bible was true.” ‘What I heard in church was true.’ There will be few because the Holy Spirit will no longer be on Earth, and He is the one who leads people to repentance. Few will repent because of the Word and will have to pay with their lives because Christians will not be accepted in the ‘Great Tribulation’.

I am telling you this so that you understand why God gave up His only Son. It is so that anyone who believes, surrenders their life and assumes faith may not perish but have eternal life. That’s why God gave His Son. I am announcing this to you. And I hope that the Holy Spirit, who moved me to proclaim this Word, moves you too to believe in it and that you assume your faith in Him.

Watch the entire message in the video above.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso