Blog Renato Cardoso | 9 de September de 2012 - 19:02

The hidden problem


When you watch the news and the big headline is that someone was murdered, or a politician committed adultery, the rise of unemployment, or whatever other problem or crisis, what you’re really seeing is the product of what’s inside of people.

What they fail to mention is that someone full of hate was the one who murdered. It was an unfaithful, power hungry, crooked, politician, who committed adultery. While one of the reasons behind the high unemployment rate is due to greedy impresarios in agreement with other selfish systems which seek their own fulfillment while neglecting those who need it most.

So, what you see happening physically is just the fruit of what started and is happening inside of people.

Have you ever seen a car harming another car? Or a piece of paper abusing someone? Of course not. Physical things don’t hurt anyone by themselves. Inanimate objects can’t do anything alone. Those who died can’t either. So, we have to conclude that our problems are caused by that which comes from within.

Very well. Now we’ve come down to your situation. Right to the problems which are staring you in the face, the battles you’ve gone through, really originate inside of you. Things like sadness, hate, rancor, a heavy conscience, depression, lack of motivation, indifference, frustration — it’s all a long list of emotional and spiritual problems, which are really the ones causing these problems that you’re going through.

So this means, the solution to your visible problems is to solve your inner problems, which are invisible.

There is a cure to your problems. You can be healed from all those internal wounds. But you need to start searching for their cure. An internal sickness requires an internal treatment.

In other words: If you want inner peace, you have to win the inner war.

Have you been fighting your inner war? Have you been winning?

Every Sunday there is a UCKG ready to help those who are seeking inner healing. If you need this, we welcome you.


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