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STRONG MESSAGE! Your ears are not prepared for this

Open your ears and understanding to understand this video; it will help you review your priorities and intentions.

Are you addicted to hearing news, biblical messages, and preaching (for the mere interest of increasing your knowledge and not necessarily because you want to practice what you are listening to)? If the answer is yes, know that this is an addiction.

There is a kind of addiction which many have today, but it is old. The Sacred Text says that Paul met with philosophers in Athens (Acts 17). And he found that the population was not concerned with anything other than seeing and hearing something new. They wanted new knowledge and information. Human beings are stimulated by new knowledge. When a child arrives at school and learns something, he feels empowered. In the world, we say information is power. But not always. It is only power when practised and not when acquiring it becomes an addiction, which stimulates yet doesn’t provide any benefit.

Knowledge of technology stimulates some; the person even reads the manual of their devices. Or they are interested in knowing about climate change or politics. Knowledge, in general, stimulates people. This also happens with biblical knowledge. The person keeps looking for preachings on the internet. And they fill themselves with biblical knowledge. So, because they have knowledge, they like to debate, to say that someone is wrong; they have knowledge. And this becomes a mere tool of vanity.

“For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow” (Ecclesiastes 1:18). Consider what King Solomon said. There’s tiredness. It’s like the philosophers of this world. They travel, they go far. But they reach a point where they “hit a limit”. They say, “I only know that I know nothing.” It’s all tedious. The person only continues to speculate. But God didn’t give us knowledge for that. It is to put our knowledge into practice.

It is better to have a gram of knowledge that you practice than tons used just to debate. In fact, God wants us to practice His Words. “Wisdom” is to listen to the Word and practice It. “Wisdom” is not accumulating knowledge in your head. Some of the most disturbed people I’ve ever met were Bible scholars because they were filled with pride in having knowledge.

Think about it and watch the video above.

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