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The spirit of victimisation is on the loose; be careful because you might be like this and don't even realise it!

I want to talk to you about the ‘spirit of victimisation’. What is it, and how do you identify it?

When I say “spirit of victimisation”, I’m talking, literally, about a spirit that takes over a person’s mind and behaviour, and they don’t even realise what they’re doing. Not even the people around you sometimes notice because it is a highly manipulative spirit. It manipulates the victim and the people around them.

This spirit is characterised by the habit of blaming others for problems and failures. ‘I couldn’t win because so-and-so got in my way’. It’s a characteristic of always blaming others. Naturally, that spirit hinders the person’s life because they cannot do anything if they are a victim. Those with the spirit of victimisation hardly move forward at work or in relationships. And if you manage to advance, it’s because the spirit of victimisation is manipulative. The person manipulates people and makes them feel sorry for them. You can even cry when listening to a person with a spirit of victimisation.

The person with the spirit of victimisation usually reveals themselves through their speech. When you are conversing with them, they hardly talk about other subjects or you; they only want to speak to you about their problems. If you start a different topic, they talk about their issues instead. They are very negative. They share this negativity with others. So, they are highly selfish. They don’t care about others.

And you can get infected. When you look at the heroes of faith, you see they were victims of many injustices (often killed by the edge of the sword, unfairly imprisoned). But the heroes of faith did not become victims; they felt privileged for what they went through. They saw God in the injustices; they saw that it had a purpose.

If you have a spirit of victimisation, first and foremost, you have a spiritual problem. And you have to overcome it because that makes you an unbearable person, difficult to deal with, who disseminates deceit, a spirit of division, and manipulation, which will take you to hell.

Check out the entire message in the video above.

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