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Be very careful; choosing with your eyes can destroy you. Therefore, do it differently from Samson and decide to follow God's advice.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.
Proverbs 18:22

This text is loaded with wisdom and truth and reveals how God works for the full realisation of the human being. He doesn’t force anyone to get married; it was never an imposition but a coronation. The virtuous woman is her husband’s crown, and the blessed man is his wife’s crown.

Coronation means what consecrates the person’s life. Whoever is crowned (be it a king, an athlete on the podium, a businessperson who reaches the top in their business, etc.) is recognised and reaches the top, the maximum that can be achieved. And so the Creator wanted the marriage to be this way also.

A marriage is excellent; a blessed marriage is like ‘winning the lottery’. The chances of winning are so small, and whoever wins feels really lucky. So is the blessed marriage: much more than luck, but the benevolence of the Lord. Only those with a marriage like this know what I’m talking about.

But the Most High never imposes anything; many prefer not to marry, and He respects them. After all, only some are prepared to fulfil the conditions of a consecrated marriage. Well, you have to learn to give up pride and selfishness; to learn to give. So, if you’re fine alone, keep it up. But remember that being single also has its work; loneliness also has its cost…

He who finds a wife…
Proverbs 18:22

This quote shows that having a wife or a husband who is a blessing in your life begins with the search process. It’s not an accident. But, unfortunately, people don’t know how to look for or define what they want before looking. Here comes the futile, useless and unsuccessful criteria before starting.

God determines that having a spouse of His begins with the search to be selective and intelligent. Sometimes, you find it immediately; sometimes, you must insist several times. The Father offers Himself to help in this search, to guide, but people insist on seeking with their eyes and hearts, like Samson.

If you read his story (Judges 14:1-3), you will see that he fell in love with a Philistine woman, which was forbidden. He chose with his eyes and, in the end, died with his eyes being put out (Judges 16:21-30).

Unfortunately, people refuse to receive God’s help, choose with their hearts and eyes, and make mistakes. Instead of achieving the benevolence of the Lord, they reach the disgrace of the devil. But for those who want, He offers direction and wisdom so that you get your choice right and be happy.

Are you willing to seek His direction, or do you want to continue following your eyes, hearts and the way of the world?

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