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Many people live in this dilemma: full of things outside but with a deep hole in their soul. How do you fill it?

Every car needs fuel to run: some are powered by petrol or deisel, others are electric. Mobile phones also work based on a system. In other words, certain things only work with their appropriate fuels. And with the human being, it’s no different. Man must also be filled, which is one of humanity’s greatest problems today.

Today, we see people who literally have everything: fame, money, beauty, house, car, family. But they are empty; they want to die, and they even try to kill themselves. The interesting thing is that when we talk to someone from past generations about what life was like 50, 60 years ago, we were shocked by how little they had and, even so, they were much happier than people today, who have much more than past generations had.

I dare say that what is missing for many to overcome the void is exactly the opposite of all this. What is missing for them to have a little more meaning in life is to learn to settle for less: to be content with what they have, to value the house, the clothes, and the transport they have, no matter how simple. We need to be satisfied with less and not anxious for more.

The happiest people are the most grateful, and what definitely solves the emptiness of the human being is the presence of God. Because He has put eternity in the heart of man, then only the Eternal can fill the space in their hearts.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso