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Jealousy: whose problem is it?

TITITI – Are you jealous of each other? How do you deal with it?

Renato – We have a bit of healthy jealousy [laughing]… I think that zero jealousy is not good. At the beginning, she was more jealous due to her insecurities, but she overcame that when I changed some of my behavior. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I needed to reassure her she is the person of my life! I also helped her develop confidence and, with that, she got rid of jealousy. The Bible says that even God is jealous. Therefore, it’s not something bad; but it’s something that can ruin your relationship if you’re not careful.

Cristiane – Sometimes, jealousy is a problem with you. In our case, he didn’t give me a reason to be jealous. It was with me. But when your partner gives you reasons to be jealous – by chatting on social networks, for example –, it’s a different situation. You have to check if there are grounds for jealousy. If there aren’t, then it’s an issue that you have to deal with yourself. I felt like anyone could take my place. So, if he would speak to an intelligent and beautiful woman, I’d be jealous. He speaks to many women at his workplace, right? I had to change; the problem wasn’t with him. So much so that it doesn’t affect me anymore.

Renato – I was not very talkative. I would get home and she’d ask me about how my day went and all I’d say was, “Fine,” end of conversation [laughing]. But then, I started getting her more involved, making her understand that she is part of my life. It wasn’t anything weird, I just didn’t have the habit of talking; but then I learned that I couldn’t leave this gap because, especially with women, they tend to fill it with bad information. I don’t know why they never think this could be something good [laughing].

Cristiane – But it’s insecurity that always leads to something negative!


Interview to Tititi magazine – part 5.


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