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IntelliMen: Next Steps



And now?

Only for those who have completed every challenge in its entirety.

If you  want to be a part of the IntelliMen Project, start.with Challenge #1.


One thing is certain: you’re a much better man today than you were a year ago. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the tasks were designed to challenge you to do better in over twenty different areas of your life: character, masculinity, man to man, integrity, self-improvement, self-worth, family, marriage, work, health, respecting women, education, the spiritual, habits, discipline, excellence, courage, dealing with temptation, conduct, sharing the good and money.

Now your challenge is to resist going back to the way you were before the challenges. Instead, maintain this new level of life and keep improving on it. What can you do to ensure this? Here are 10 key steps that will help you:

  1. Always progress, never regress. Periodically review the challenges you completed. Check to see if you’ve stopped practicing any of them, or if you’ve gone back to old habits. If you feel you are weak in some area, redo that challenge. Own up to your weaknesses and keep working on them. Also, make up your own challenges going forward, things that will help you to keep progressing. You, better than anyone else, know your needs. So overcome yourself.
  2. Honor the Official IntelliMen Motto. Here it goes again: “An IntelliMan is an intelligent man. He overcomes himself, honors his wife and helps his partner. If the challenge is hard, he finds a way through. If circumstances instill fear, he faces them. If his goal is taking a long time to achieve, he perseveres. He knows his value before men and God, he loves discipline, good character and what is good. His mission is to inspire others to become IntelliMen.” Read it, repeat it, memorize it and practice it.
  3. Maintain contact with our official sites. Always visit our  Facebook page and my blog. If you have not yet registered to receive new posts by email from my blog, do it now here.This way you will be kept informed about news relating to the Project.
  4. Every Saturday a post for men. With you in mind, I’ll post to my blog every Saturday — or almost every Saturday. I don’t promise to do it every week because only God knows what it took to post a blog every Saturday for a year without fail… But without a doubt there will be lots of great posts there, so check it out. (I already asked you to sign up for the blog, right?)
  5. Promote Intellimen and motivate those who are doing the challenges. Our motto ends with, “Your mission is to inspire others to become IntelliMen.” If you’re a true IntelliMan, you will always seek to motivate other men to start the challenges and encourage those who are doing them to resist the temptation to give up. How about “adopting” an aspiring Intelliman and giving him your own tips and advice?
  6. Always have exemplary men as role models. Learn from example. In order to keep improving as a man you need to identify men who are worthy of being role models. Learn from them. And yet, remember that the best example of all will never disappoint you, the one the Bible calls the “Son of Man,” the most complete man: Jesus.
  7. Keep in touch with your Official Partner. Continue to grow together. Talk from time to time. Help each other. Share experiences and tips. Occasionally get out and do some activity together.
  8. Participate in meetings of the Officials Trainers. We are in the process of training IntelliMen leaders to make meetings and events just for you. We will soon announce dates and venues on our websites (OK, this is the last time, if you haven’t yet registered for the blog,  it’s now or never…)
  9. Wear the shirt – literally. Official IntelliMen shirts will soon be available. Beware of imitations. Remember the important warning about pirated products in question No. 5 of our  Frequently Asked Questions list. There will be no mercy for offenders.
  10. Use the IntelliMen workbook. Due to demand we are in the process of organizing the challenges and information about the project into a workbook where you would have easy access to everything related to IntelliMen in one place, in addition to exclusive tips. Besides being a great tool for personal use, it will also be a great gift for friends.

Being an IntelliMan is not a one-year-thing, it’s for life. I am happy for and proud of all of you who have followed us to this point. We will not stop; we will grow a great deal more. Greater things are on the way. God is counting on you.

Be blessed by Him.



Whoever believes in Me will do what I do and much more. – Jesus, the greatest Intelliman of all time.