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IntelliMen Challenge #17


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Challenge #17

Don’t start before completing Challenge #16.
If you want to join the IntelliMen Project, start from Challenge #1.


Challenge: Review all the challenges up to this point, and make sure you are up to date with the project.

Explanation: There have been 16 challenges so far. Those who have stuck with it can definitely see a difference in their lives compared to 4 months ago. For today’s challenge, review all the challenges up to this point. This review is a challenge in itself, do not skip over it. We need to learn to regularly evaluate our efforts, and assess how we are doing. One way to do this is to look at things that have happened lately, how you’ve behaved, and the results of your behavior.

Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Consider your ways!   Haggai 1:7

Completing this review will bring certain benefits:

  • It will remind you of the challenges you’ve completed so far, and will help you to rethink the things you’ve learned
  • It will help you meditate on the challenges that have helped you the most
  • This is an opportunity to complete challenges that you did not complete to your own satisfaction
  • It will help you evaluate the relationship between you and your Official Partner
  • It will help you to see the big picture of how the IntelliMen Challenge has helped you, and will renew your commitment to continue to the very end

Get the most out of this challenge.  It’s one of the most important ones up to now. If you are behind, here’s a chance to get caught up. Don’t waste this opportunity.

Notebook: Review your notes up to now. If you’re missing notes from a certain challenge, update your notebook.

Official Partner: Ask your partner how you are doing as a partner. Ask him if there are things that you need to improve on. Give him your feedback too.

Deadline: You may begin this task immediate and complete it in a week. Then go on to Challenge #18.

Post: After – and only after – you have completed the challenge, post your comments – on the IntelliMenWorld Facebook or Twitter page, (not on your own page) and write the following:

IntelliMen Challenge #17 done: As I reviewed the project so far… (Add your thoughts and conclusions of the challenge up to now. Feel free to write about how IntelliMen has helped you, what are the changes that you have experienced and if others have noticed your changes as well.)

 Links: (when tweeting, use @intelliMenworld)


Verification Checklist

I reviewed the first 16 challenges
I reviewed my Notebook and updated what needed to be updated
☐ My partner and I exchanged feedback about our partnership
I posted my comment on Facebook/Twitter


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