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IntelliMen: a weakness that becomes a strength


One of the characteristics of a true leader is their ability to admit their mistakes and learn from them.

In this effort, numerous men hide or minimize their mistakes, in attempts to keeping the appearance of good, strong and correct. But in truth, who is good, strong and correct all the time?

The truth is that everyone fails. And all of us know that everyone fails. That is why, the person who always tries to show perfection, just manages instead, to push people away with their hypocrisy.

To err is inserted in the humanity of man. Admitting their mistakes, however, is in truth an attitude of strength and not weakness, the strength to face one’s own weaknesses. The strength to look people in the eyes and say, “I made a mistake.”  More importantly, the strength to learn from your mistakes and make a conscious decision to improve upon them.

How can you practice this?

  1. Don’t try to give the impression of being perfect. You’re not fooling anyone
  2. When you make a mistake, be quick to admit your mistake. The faster the better
  3. Speak to those who were affected by your mistake, recognizing it, asking for forgiveness, and saying what you’re going to do to not repeat it
  4. Obviously, do what you said you were going to do (if not you won’t be anything less than a crook.)
  5. Don’t beat yourself up over it, look ahead with the determination to improve

The man who practices this inspires a certain confidence, an essential characteristic if he wants the privilege of leading.


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