Blog Renato Cardoso | 11 de July de 2017 - 15:07

I’ll find someone better

 When a couple faces a crisis and they can’t overcome it despite many efforts, it’s common for them to think that breaking up is the best option. “I’ve chosen the wrong person,” they say. “But I’ll find someone better.”

The truth is that even if they move on to a new relationship, they’ll realise that, to make it work, they’ll have to make the very same efforts they’re now trying to avoid in their current relationship.

Yes, you need to find someone better — but this someone is you. You need to find a better way of being, evolve as a person, and make changes to grow. This will increase the chances of you breaking out of this crisis.

Sometimes separation is inevitable. But in most cases, it’s unnecessary. All that is needed is that at least one of you decides to find their better self.


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