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When I went up on the roof, I understood something that could change the direction of our lives or, instead, prevent problems. Here's the tip!

I was walking on the roof of a church recently, in an inspection, and I realised that there were parts of the metal structure of the roof that were beginning to show signs of corrosion, which surprised me since it was a church with less than 10 years of existence.

But this brought to my mind a thought: in life, nothing is static; everything changes, and nothing remains the same. Everything that exists, everything that is around us, the living and inanimate things, nothing stays the same because everything is subject to time, to the elements that impact other elements, such as the heat, the rain, the time that simply passes and things and people are getting older.

We often make the big mistake of thinking that things will remain the same as they have always been, and that’s where the carelessness, the neglect, the lack of attention and maintenance of the things we want to remain in good condition comes in.

So, just as the church’s roof needs maintenance, we must also be aware of everything that is changing around us, from our body, health, marriage…

There’s only one thing that doesn’t change: God!

He says clearly:

For I am the Lord, I do not change… Malachi 3.6

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Here’s a massive difference between the human being and God. We can look at Him, trust Him, depend on Him, on His Word, and rely our lives on Him because He will not grow old, He will not change His way of being, the Word He said will not be changed, His promises will not be cancelled, everything that God has spoken, does and is; remains the same.

Therefore, He is God; thus, those who learn to depend on Him, trust in Him and put their faith and lives in His hands immediately achieve peace and security. Because if, on one side, nothing in life becomes static, things are in constant motion; on the other hand, we are sure that God is the same and will not change.

Watch the message in the video above and meditate on the subject.

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