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At some point, we all thought or said the following sentence: “I’m doing everything right; why doesn’t God answer me?”. But have you ever stopped to think that if we had a God who would serve us in everything, he would not be a God but a servant?

Many complain that God doesn’t answer them even though He does everything right. They go to church, pray, seek and receive no answer to what they want. We’ve all said it, or at least we thought about it. But, understand, if He attended us in everything, He would not be God but our servant. Because he is God, He is Lord, endowed with wisdom, knowledge, goodness, power and everything else we do not have.

“I am the Lord, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.” Isaiah 42:8

When He says He’s Lord, many people don’t understand what that really means. We use this word so much daily that we forget its real meaning. It comes from a time when there were masters and servants; masters who were literally owners of everything had the right to command, and the role of the servant was to obey.

When the Creator determines something, whoever understands and considers Him as God obeys His will. He understands that He is Lord, omnipotent, absolute. And if you think He is flawed in His will and actions, you are putting yourself in the position of judging Him, switching roles. In fact, you did not understand anything about Him, faith, the Word, or being a servant, and I’m glad He did not answer you. If He did that, it would surely hurt you and many others.

We have the habit of focusing on ourselves and too little on others. We are self-centred and end up acting like this with God Himself. We think of Him as the One who blesses and answers us, not as the Lord, who also taught us to pray: His will to be done.

Learn to treat God as Lord, trust Him, even when you do not receive an answer, and trust His character. You will see that His “no” was much better than if He had said “yes”.

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Bishop Renato Cardoso