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Eliminating those responsible for mental dirt makes it possible to keep it clean and smelling like new. I have good news; there is a Word that can help you clean yourself thoroughly; apply it from now on.

There is a great challenge nowadays, which is called “screen”. We are all surrounded by screens (big, small, of all kinds). Our eyes are always glued to some screen. And why is that? It is part of today’s reality.

Let’s agree on one thing: the online world is much more interesting (in terms of fun, variety and entertainment) than the real world. Because the real world, compared to the online world, is very boring. With a click, you travel from one point to another on the planet in a matter of fractions of seconds. The real world cannot compete with the online world.

You have to know that part of today’s great mental pollution comes through screens. Because our eyes are connected to screens, and our ears are connected to an earphone. There’s always something going on in the mind. And there you are, absorbing information. And most of them turn out to be useless. They take your time away from doing something useful and bring raw material for bad thoughts.

What do you have to do? You must identify the bad thoughts that come up frequently in your mind. These bad thoughts come through a screen, a conversation, something you’ve been exposed to. Now, you have to erase those thoughts from your mind. Complete erasure is not possible. We have our memory. Some things stick (especially the bad stuff). There is a defence system for us to remember something bad so that we don’t come to repeat it.

Do you remember the classroom? When you erased the chalk on the blackboard? When you ran the eraser once, you could still more or less see what was written. The second time, it was even less visible. To clean the board, you had to pass the eraser many times. And you could only fail to notice the erased chalk marks when new notes were made on the blackboard. You didn’t see what was under the blackboard because there was new information on top.

And in our mind, it is no different. It’s not enough for you to say: ‘I don’t want to think about it anymore’. This works at first. You no longer watch the content. You have that power over your mind. But for you to actually override this bad information, you have to bring new information into your mind.

Jesus said, “You are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you” (John 15:3). The Word of God works like a detergent that works like an acid that melts away all the rottenness that has entered your mind. It washes and cleans. Your mind is in a position to receive all that is good and productive.

Do you want to be clean? You have to bring the Word of God to your mind. Create the habit. I’ve been taught that the first thing you have to do in the day when you wake up is thank God. Speak a word of thanks. “Thanks for the rest. Thanks for this bed. Thanks for this day. I deliver this day into Your hands. May the Lord give me the daily bread. I’ll do this, that. I ask Your blessing on all that I am going to do.” Next, open the Bible and read the verses carefully; with meditation, pay attention to what God wants to talk to you about. When you open the Bible, He is talking to you. So that Word takes the place of bad things. Do this in the morning. And if you want to repeat the dose during the day or when you go to sleep, even better. I doubt your mind won’t be clear.

Shall we put it into practice? Watch the video above.

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