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How to pray when you don’t feel like it

How to pray when you don’t feel like it

Sometimes I do not feel like praying – and I am a bishop. It’s normal; the human being is very inconsistent. One day you feel you can conquer the world, the next, you don’t even want to be in it.

Feelings. If we live by them, we are lost.

Thank God there is an alternative: Do what we have to do and not what we feel like doing.

When I don’t feel like praying, this is what I do: I pray anyway. And I notice that as in many things in life, once you start doing something, the feeling to do it follows. Motion precedes emotion. Sometimes I do not feel like eating, but when I start, I want to eat more… I had to start writing this post before feeling like doing it. I hate writing, but I love the fact that I’ve written something.

I think you’ve got the idea.

The main thing to have resolved in your mind is that you absolutely NEED to pray. It’s not an option. Of course, for many people it is (because they don’t know what they’re missing), but not for you. The consequences of not doing it would be far worse than the small effort you have to make in order to pray.

Maybe you have not spoken to God lately. You have’t felt like it. No problem. Are you alone there now? Can you go somewhere private? So, stop reading this and make a prayer. It doesn’t matter if it’s for two minutes or twenty. Say what you have to say and that’s it.

Then come back here, and add your comments on how you felt after doing it.

Go. Now!

Are you still there?


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