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How to overcome insecurity

Dive deep into sincerity and answer these questions:

Do you almost instantly feel jealous when someone has a good idea and people around you like it? Do you see others as a threat to the position you hold? Do you usually belittle someone else’s skill because you are afraid they could grow more than you?

The root behind these feelings is insecurity. You will never be able to have healthy relationships as long as you remain insecure. It’s an evil feeling that torments and makes even the most beautiful person ugly.

Acknowledging the illness is the first step to recovery. However painful it may be, if this feeling shows from time to time, admit that it exists.

Then, understand that this is a deceitful feeling. Put its veracity and validity to the test:

  • What’s the problem if someone else comes up with a good idea? Are you the only person in the world with good ideas?
  • Who doesn’t like a good idea? Does the fact that some people liked someone else’s idea mean that they do not like you?
  • What is the biggest threat to your position: other people or the flaws in your own performance? And if others are really a threat, isn’t a bit of competition good for you to develop your performance as well?
  • Won’t badmouthing or belittling someone’s skills make you look petty, narrow-minded and incapable of thinking of the collective? Won’t it look worse for you than feeling happy for such person and being known as the one who discovered and promoted him or her?

Personal insecurity usually stems from a poor mindset. And one of the beliefs that creates this mindset is that there’s not enough for everyone in this world. And if there is not enough for everyone, so I must fight for my share — and everyone else becomes my enemy.

Changing this mindset and questioning the validity and veracity of feelings of insecurity are certain ways to overcome insecurity.



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