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Analyse your life and see if you have not been a victim or are letting yourself be carried away by this feeling.

We’ve talked about how to identify the spirit of victimisation and how to get rid of it (if you have it), and now we’re going to talk about how you can deal with someone who has the spirit of victimisation.

A person who has the spirit of victimisation is someone who, for every solution you present, creates a problem. If they complain to you about something, you say, “Do it.” And they say: “But, no. There’s that.” Nothing is ever their fault; it is always someone else’s fault. They are full of negativity (they even use manipulation to act like a poor thing and get what they want from people), and they end up poisoning you against others who they think victimise them.

To overcome the spirit of victimisation, you have to fight it in spirit. First, you must protect yourself through faith, prayer, seek discernment, and be spiritually aware of the tricks that evil plays against you using that person.

Ideally, you should avoid this person. But, if that’s not possible, you’ll need to use reverse psychology (when you reverse things, throw it back at the person and make them hear what they’re saying because sometimes the victim doesn’t listen to themselves). When the person says: “There are about 20 people at my work conspiring against me”. You say: “Really, I think these 20 people have nothing better to do in the company than sit down, form a committee and create a working group to discuss how they will harm you”.

Another thing you can do is counter negativity with a word of faith. You can tell the person: “But in all of this, so and so, we are more than conquerors. Have faith. We will win”. Use their victimisation as a trigger for you to cover it with the Word of God.

You can also say, “You are too strong for this to shake you. I don’t believe you’re that weak.”

And other times, you will simply have to ignore it because the person with a spirit of victimisation likes attention. Just like a child when they cry and throw a tantrum because someone is around. Find something to do and go away. These people need understanding, but you cannot allow yourself to be manipulated.

If you look at Martha’s story, she played the victim. When Mary was at Jesus’ feet, Martha exploded and attacked Jesus. She asked, “Do you not realise my sister left me here alone? Doesn’t the Lord say anything?” That is, trying to put Jesus against Mary and making the Lord Jesus share the blame for having seen that and not doing something. And what did Jesus do? “Martha, you are worried about many things, but only one thing matters and your sister chose the good part.” In other words, He showed that her sister’s attitude was more worthy of praise than Martha’s.

So, we must not play the victim. The winner doesn’t look outside; they look inside themselves. And they also look to God. “What could God be preparing through what I’m going through right now?” And, while they don’t understand, they ask God for help to get through it.

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