Blog Renato Cardoso | 2 de February de 2018 - 11:56

How do you form your opinions?


IT’S EASY TO STAND by the side of someone who only told their side of the story. Every story has two sides. Only those who are naïve, foolish or impulsive believe the first thing they hear. They form an entire opinion having only half the facts.

People who use their intelligence thoroughly, try to understand and are not quick to judge. Putting a label on someone based only on what they heard about them never even crosses their mind. They don’t believe in rumors, especially in this age of fake news, lobbyists, and judges graduated in social media. When they want to form an opinion, they have a 360-degree view. They try to know as much as possible about the person in question – their history, their choices, what motivates them. And if that is not possible, they put their judgment on hold and wait for time to tell. They don’t only look for information that validates their prejudice.

If you are someone like this, the world is a better place because of you. If you know people like this, admire them and never lose their friendship. People like this are true friends.


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